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Moving tips and advice

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Through this series of questions and answers, we intend to provide you with a small guide on moving: tips, information, and useful advice for a good move.

  • But who enters my house?

    It is instinctive to ask this question. It is normal to think that the move involves the handling of our furniture and belongings by technicians and workers who, in any case, enter our home. People we meet for the first time and with whom we will have to share 1, 2, 3 days.

    For this reason, our Personnel Office operates a very careful selection in the acquisition and training phase of its men.

    We are particularly vigilant and careful in this respect.

    Each of our employees works strictly with the company uniform, and rigorously respects strict rules of operation and behavior.

  • Everything you need for packing

    It is important to have all the necessary packaging materials well in advance. We will deliver to you, directly to your home, everything you need: professional packing paper, rolls of bubble wrap, adhesive tape, cardboard containers of different sizes, polystyrene chips, bags for mattresses and pillows.

    In case you decide to entrust us with the packaging, you won't have to worry because on the day the move begins, our female packing staff will arrive equipped with everything necessary.

    What is the advantage of entrusting us with the packaging service?

    Specialized hands significantly reduce preparation times and allow for well-packed packages with a significant reduction in the risk of breakage or damage to goods.

    The cost of this service, moreover, is so low that it is worth saving the stress that this phase causes to those who face it for the first time.

  • Who packs my things?

    If you wish, you can directly take care of packing all the items to be transferred, using the packaging material that we will send you according to the quantity ordered.

    Alternatively, upon request, you can use our specialized staff, which will directly take care of the entire packing operation with a high level of speed and precision.

  • But where do I put my clothes?

    Our clothing containers are professional and very spacious. They allow you to arrange the clothes so that they travel vertically. They prevent creases and wrinkles. Inside, there is a stand on which hangers are hung.

  • Disassembly of my furniture

    The central stage of the entire move: disassembly and subsequent reassembly. In fact, this step makes the substantial difference between a mover and a transporter.

    For years, these two figures have been confused, but in fact, there is a considerable difference between the two professions. A good moving company must necessarily have operational teams made up of technicians specialized especially in the disassembly and reassembly of furniture.

    Furthermore, the industry is increasingly introducing technologically advanced products to the market; modular kitchens, wardrobes, partition walls, equipped walls, furniture built with mechanisms, devices, and automation that require constant updating by the industry that operates directly and indirectly on them.

    Knowing how to disassemble and reassemble a large modular kitchen, with a marble top, is not simple; a thorough knowledge of the techniques is essential. Traslochi .Net carefully observes the furniture industry to offer the Customer efficient care of their furniture.

  • Do I have to empty the drawers?

    It is not always necessary to empty the drawers.

    Completely remove the drawer and wrap it completely with a sheet of bubble wrap so that the top, i.e., the open part, is well closed. Seal everything with packing tape and you will have a perfect package.

  • How are my furniture protected?

    As the furniture is disassembled, our packers provide a rigorous protection of the individual parts. Doors, panels, sides, bottoms, everything is carefully wrapped with bubble wrap or polyfoam.

    For lacquered parts, the protection is doubled considering the extreme delicacy of the paint. We use special polystyrene supports for the edges; they prevent damage during handling.

    Good packaging of the furniture also ensures faster loading onto the truck because it allows the loader to reduce the time for fitting the individual pieces.

    It's like a puzzle; identifying the shapes well in order to gain as much space as possible, reduce empty spaces, and ensure the stability of the load during transport.

    For some special pieces or for those where limited packaging cannot be used (e.g. a mirror with a 24-carat gold frame), wooden cages are built.

  • Who takes down the chandeliers?

    Even for chandeliers and lighting fixtures, it is essential to rely on specialized technicians to avoid easy damage. Each chandelier must first be disconnected from the electrical cables and then unhooked from its holding bracket.

    It is essential to disconnect the power from the main panel of the house before proceeding with any operation of this type.

    For the packaging of chandeliers, the best protection system is the reinforced cardboard container filled with polystyrene chips. Traslochi .Net provides this type of intervention as it has trained electricians in its staff.

  • What about the water connections?

    The main elements of the house connected to the water supply and drainage are the kitchen area and the bathrooms. After closing the local water valve, usually located near the connections, and before being able to remove the worktop and sink, the siphon underneath must be removed and the water outlets on the wall must be closed by applying special caps.

    The same operation must be repeated for the removal of the bathroom sink, if this item is to be moved, and for the washing machine.

    Traslochi .Net has a technician in charge of the plumbing within its teams.

  • I have furniture to scrap

    Often, the move is the opportunity to get rid of many items that we have kept in the house for years, perhaps unnecessarily, but it is also the opportunity to renew some environments and here we are faced with the problem of what to do with the old kitchen or the old wardrobe or the old desk that we will no longer use.

    You can decide whether to definitively scrap these items or temporarily store them while waiting to find a possible future use.

    Traslochi .Net offers various solutions: you can disassemble the unused furniture, pack it, and store it at our storage facilities, or put it up for sale.

    For completely unusable furniture and items, we provide transport and unloading at the designated municipal collection centers.

  • Are the paintings packaged?

    For all paintings, prints, and other particularly delicate wall furnishings, a special material called cardboard bubble wrap will be used.

    For high-value and high-quality works, this material is supplemented with a custom protective wooden structure.

    It is important, when requesting a quote or before the move, to declare the presence of valuable works of art among the items to be moved; this way, we can provide adequate insurance coverage well in advance.

  • Do you take care of the curtains?

    As with other home furnishings, Traslochi .Net provides its customers with an excellent upholstery and curtain service.

    The services include the disassembly of curtains and drapery and their subsequent reassembly.

    It happens that the measurements of the windows in the new home do not match those of the previous one.

    In this case, we intervene with cutting, shaping, and custom fitting.

  • Do I need to make space for the truck?

    It is always preferable to collaborate with the Moving Company.

    It is often necessary to ensure that there is enough space in front of the window or balcony for the truck and platform to park during the loading/unloading phase.

  • Do I need to notify the neighbors?

    It is advisable to first check what is established by the condominium regulations regarding the use of elevators, lifts, and common indoor and outdoor spaces in the building.

    It is also good practice to notify the condominium administrator in advance to avoid problems with the neighbors during the loading/unloading operations.

  • How long does the whole move take?

    Usually, the technical execution times of a move are as follows:

    • 1 day for packing fragile items.
    • 1 day for disassembly and loading.
    • 1 day for unloading and reassembly.
    • 1 day for opening the containers and repositioning fragile items.

    It is evident that this "schedule" refers to a normal residential move.

    The times may vary according to operational difficulties, the nature of the furniture, and the distances between cities.

  • For the use of public land?

    If the building of departure or destination is located near a road where the parking of vehicles (trucks, elevators, aerial platforms) during the loading/unloading phase is expected, it is necessary to request permits for the Occupation of Public Land, as provided for by the Highway Code.

    If you prefer, you can directly take care of the procedures for requesting a permit from the Municipality where the property is located; however, you can also decide to entrust the entire process to one of our operators, saving time.

  • Do I need to change the layout of the kitchen?

    Nothing could be simpler and more feasible.

    Our artisanal tradition originates in carpentry.

    L-shaped modular kitchens can be transformed into linear ones and vice versa.

    A good artisanal support guarantees the perfect restoration of the kitchen environment in any room.

  • What if I need a storage unit?

    It is not always possible to transfer all the furniture from the old to the new home. In this case, Traslochi .Net offers a temporary storage service for any space needs.

    It will be possible to divide the move into two distinct phases: transfer from the old home to our storage facility and, subsequently, transfer from the storage to the new home.

  • Are you insured?

    The insurance policy needs to be carefully examined and evaluated: according to the civil code, the mover is responsible for the Customer's goods from the moment he begins handling them; his responsibility continues during transport and until delivery and reassembly in the destination home.

    In practical terms, the mover may not even be insured because, in any case, he is directly responsible for any damage he may cause.

    In addition to the mandatory "Transportation Policy," Traslochi .Net offers a special policy called "All Risks," which puts the Customer in a position of absolute guarantee in case of mere damage, loss, theft, etc.

    For further details, it is necessary to consult our tutors at the International Number of our Call Center; they will be happy to personalize the best insurance solution for your move.

  • Is a site inspection possible?

    If not essential, in some cases.

    The visit to your home is absolutely free and without any obligation.

    It will be a pleasure for us to personally illustrate costs, methods, and execution terms to you.